Our four-legged friends don’t brush their teeth and they aren’t too fussy about what they chew sometimes. It is estimated that 70% of cats and 80% of dogs over three years of age have periodontal disease. If left untreated, affected teeth can become infected causing pain, bad breath, difficulty eating and, in some cases, serious diseases such as heart disease from bacteria in the blood.


Cats and Dogs

Cats and dogs use their mouth like we use our hands, so it’s important that we help them to live an active, healthy and pain free life by caring for their teeth. Things you can do to prevent dental disease include:

  • Regular (daily if possible) teeth brushing

  • Safe chew toys for your pet (discourage your dog from chewing rocks, or tennis balls excessively)

  • Annual dental exam as part of your pet's wellness plan

  • Teeth cleaning session (dental scale and polish) with your vet when necessary

  • Contact your vet if your pet suffers from bad breath, reduced appetite, head shyness, facial swelling

  • Some pets may be more prone to dental disease. They may benefit from more regular teeth cleaning, and in some cases, specialty dental diet.


Small Mammals

Dental health is equally, if not more important in our smallest friends. Your pet rodents (rat, mouse, guinea pig, chinchilla) and rabbits grow their teeth continiously, and overgrown or misaligned teeth can severly affect their quality of life.

To best care for your little wheeker's dental health:

  • Provide good quality hay and/or chew toys (e.g. safe wood, toys) as part of their daily diet

  • Regular (annual) exam with your vet to ensure their teeth are in good health

  • Contact your vet right away if you notice reduced appetite, lack of grooming, depressed demeanor, drooling, or facial swelling in your small pet.


Good dental care plan starts at home. So come and speak to our friendly team on how you can best care for your furry friend's dental health.


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