Jess Wang

Jess is a registered veterinary technologist. After graduating with a Bachelors degree in Veterinary Technology from Massey University, Jess dabbled in the dark art of anaesthesia, then emergency and critical care, before joining the wild side of general practice, where she gained her cool, but lost many pens. When she isnt asleep (which is any time of day), she is our go to for knowledge and loves teaching.

Her passion is providing the best possible care and experience for our four legged visitors as well as their two legged carers.

Jess has a special interest in pocket pets and has collected a home zoo consisting of chickens, quails , rabbits and a chinchila along with a room dedicated to every type of house plant available. In her spare time, Jess loves playing with all things technology, drinking very weak tea, and reformatting excel sheets.